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Elephant Art Experiences in Africa

World Journeys are pleased to reconfirm that various tourism activity providers in Zambia and Zimbabwe have now removed elephant rides from their programmes and are replacing them with experiences focused on conservation and environmentally friendly wildlife interaction.  In Zambia, guests can now visit the Elephant Café to interact with hand-reared elephants, of varying ages, before sitting down to eat their meal. The older elephants here were rescued from severe drought and culls decades ago, while others have assimilated from the wild, or were born into the herd. They are elephants that have grown up with safe human support using the “positive reinforcement” method.

Another example is at the Wild Horizons Elephant Sanctuary and Orphanage, where they ceased elephant rides at the end of last year, now aiming to provide elephant encounters that focus on a conservation experience, offering visitors the chance to spend time walking through the bush with the rescued elephants, observing them up close in the wild and learning more about the importance of elephant conservation. A very special experience here is their Elephant Art Safari which see guests seated at easels to paint the elephants in their natural habitat.

Contact your local Mondo office for further details on World Journeys' Africa programs.  

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