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Aqua Expeditions is excited to announce three all-new cruise destinations in East Indonesia and doubling its fleet with the addition of Aqua Blu and Aqua Nera.

1. Aqua Blu: A Series of Firsts for Aqua Expeditions

Aqua Blu is Aqua Expeditions’ first coastal ship, and the first-ever long-range explorer yacht with year-round departures to be permanently based in East Indonesia—the heart of the Coral Triangle and the fabled Old World spice trade route. 

To begin service on 16 November 2019, the 15-suite Aqua Blu will serve three destinations on 7- and 12-night coastal cruise itineraries:

  • Raja Ampat: Round-trip - December through to February
  • Bali-Komodo National Park: Bi-directional - April to September
  • Ambon & Spice Islands: Round-trip - October to November

Departures: October and November
Roundtrip Ambon
» Retrace the famous Old World spice trade route
» Visits to the Dutch-built Fort Belgica and the oldest nutmeg plantations in the world
» Discover local craft and traditions frozen in time, such as kora kora war canoe races
» Unique diving opportunities amongst underwater coral gardens from lava flows of Gunung Banda Api

Departures: April to September
Denpasar to Labuan Bajo and Reverse
» Get up-close with Komodo Dragons in the wild on Padar and Rinca Islands
» Snorkel and dive in Marine Protected Areas
» Unique diving opportunities—species include: Manta rays; Dugong (Vulnerable species & relative of the manatee); Mola mola (The heaviest bony fish in the world, also known as ocean sunfish & weighs up to 1000kg)

Departures: December and January
Roundtrip Sorong
» Swim and paddleboard in hidden lagoons and shallow coral reefs or kayak in crystal clear waters
» Discover mangrove forests, hidden jungle caves and giant sea caverns and keep a lookout for rare Birds of Paradise
» Snorkel and dive in the most biodiverse waters in the world, including Cape Kri, which holds the record fish count in a single 90-minute dive - 374 species


February: Raja Ampat to Spice Islands
Via southern/central Raja Ampat and Pulau Koon

March: Spice Islands to Maumere/Flores
Via Pulau Koon and Alor

October: Komodo National Park to Spice Islands
Via Kelimutu Volcano and Lakes and Alor

November: Spice Islands to Raja Ampat
Via Pulau Koon and southern/central Raja Ampat


2. Aqua Nera: Elevating Luxury Cruising in the Amazon

Designed and built to become the most state-of-the-art river boat to sail the Amazon, Aqua Nera will present guests with a luxuriously-appointed interior inspired by her surroundings: the blackwater lagoons and tributaries of the Amazon river and Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve.

Aqua Nera’s 20 spacious river-facing suites will convey a welcoming and stylish sense of Amazonian tranquillity. Aqua Nera will also feature comprehensive amenities including an indoor lounge and bar, as well as a river-facing infinity plunge pool and gym.

Aqua Expeditions’ partnership with award-winning Peruvian chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino will continue on board the Aqua Nera. The vessel will offer 3-, 4- and 7-night itineraries on the Peruvian Amazon alongside the Aria Amazon river cruise ship.

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submitted by -- Tony Terrill

Coax out your inner child at Tree House Villas, a luxury adults-only hideout on Thailand's stunning Koh Yao Noi Island.

After crossing a suspension bridge to get to your two-tiered luxury treehouse, you'll be met by elevated views across stunning Phang Nga Bay.

You'll get your very own personal bar, punge pool and a bath in the shape of a hammock. And, yes, of course there's a swing!!!

Contact a Mondo Specialist on 0800 110 108 to find out more.

submitted by -- Tony Terrill

This month's Hawaii travel tips have been provided by Hawaiian Airlines own 'Captain Aloha', Rusty Willis, who has just returned from a self-drive exploration of Hawaii Island.

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submitted by -- Gayle