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Hawaiian Airlines' Nick Dew recently travelled to Hawaii and shares with us his fast five travel tips!
1. Urge clients to make the most of the happy hour deals on offer to sample the local cocktails. Alongside favourites such as the Mai Tai, Hawaii’s cocktail scene has come of age and there are on-site mixologists at a raft of bars across the islands. My new favourite is the bar at the Laylow Hotel which has just opened on Kuhio Ave. It’s a boutique Autograph property and highly recommended.
2. There’s plenty of dining options in Hawaii, at many high profile restaurants. There’s also the recently-opened food court at Waikiki’s International Market Place and the one at the Ala Moana Centre has been upgraded. But for delicious and well-priced sashimi and sushi go to Hana No Sato restaurant in Koa Ave.
3. Urge clients to get out and explore. My favourite hike is the Kuliouou Rudge Trail hike which has amazing views over Oahu and takes 3.5 hours.
4. For clients looking to maximize the HA baggage allowance, direct them to the recentlyopened Nordstrom Rack in the International Marketplace. It’s awesome for bargains in the middle of Waikiki.
5. I like to make the most of my time in Hawaii, so I always check if I can check-out of the hotel via my in-room TV, and bypass the lobby queue.

submitted by -- Tony Terrill

For the next three months, Business Premier customers travelling on Air New Zealand's LA-to-Auckland haul are being served a hamburger unlike any hamburger they've ever eaten.

Its meat looks, smells, sizzles, bleeds and tastes like beef – yet it isn't.

Available in nearly 2,500 restaurants around the US, the Impossible Burger uses around 75 per cent less water, generates about 87 per cent fewer greenhouse gases and needs 95 per cent less land than conventional ground beef from cows.

It's produced in a facility in Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco, and doesn't contain any hormones, antibiotics, cholesterol or artificial flavours.

Ingredients include coconut oil; wheat, which provides its longevity and fibres; and potato protein, which holds water and gives the meat a juicy texture, along with the uncanny ability to sizzle and burn upon cooking.

The magic of the patty, however, is what's called heme - an iron-containing molecule in blood that carries oxygen, is found in all living organisms, and makes for meat's red colour and distinctive flavour.

By sourcing heme from the roots of soy plants, Brown figured he could effectively recreate the hamburger patty.

It wasn't vegetarians Impossible Foods was mainly targeting, but carnivores hunting for something new.

Try it for yourself!!

Source: NZ Herald


submitted by -- Gayle

An analysis of more than 2500 reviews from safari travelers and African travel experts have rated the following parks as the best for safaris on the continent:
Serengeti National Park, MalaMala Game Reserve and Mana Pools National Park.

The analysis was based on more than 2500 reviews – a total of 1670 reviews were contributed by safari-goers from 72 countries; another 860 park reviews were written by renowned industry experts. Reviews from both first time and experienced safari-goers make up the results. 

Sweeping first place was the people’s favorite, magnificent Serengeti in Tanzania – it polled an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5. It was followed by South Africa’s MalaMala Game Reserve, and Mana Pools National Park in Zimbabwe. Oddly, Kruger National Park didn’t feature in the Top 10 despite South Africa holding two of the top 10 spots. This was surprising given how highly regarded Kruger is in the safari industry.

Serengeti thoroughly deserved first position in our study as it is universally loved for its wildlife, profusion of predators, and astonishing wildebeest migration. MalaMala Game Reserve is popular for the rich and famous, offering luxurious accommodations and some of the best wildlife viewing in Africa. Watching wildlife while bobbing down the Zambezi in a canoe, with the unspoiled wilderness of Mana Pools on either side, is an unforgettable experience.

Remarkably, Kenya’s only foray into the top 10 is on the back of the Masai Mara National Reserve (despite the country having 9 parks that rank in the top 50). The park really on the move is South Luangwa in Zambia which jumped from 11th in 2015 to 5th place in 2018.

Source: Safari Bookings

© Image: AfricaImageLibrary.com


submitted by -- Gayle