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Mondo Mt Eden

Situated in the heart of Dominion Rd, the Mondo Mt Eden has a team of experienced and charming Travel Specialists who are keen on all things travel, but more importantly delivering exceptional service to customers. We are all senior travel specialists, working with a team approach; this has resulted in a large number of repeat clientele.

Together we have more than 50 years travel experience and are confident of offering top service. ”We are proud of our team”

Also operated by the Mt Eden branch www.cruisecompany.co.nz & www.sportingtours.co.nz

4/433 Dominion Road, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024



Meet the Team:

Chris Hammonds

Managing Director

Runner up best Retail Travel Consultant 2012, NZ Travel Industry Awards Top Consultant 2012, Chris is constantly a top seller. Award winning Cruise specialist. If it's a cruise holiday you want, you are in the best hands in the country. Having travelled extensively, Chris has first-hand knowledge of many destinations. Be it the Pacific, Europe, UK, Australia, Asia, North America, Canada, and South America, Chris has been there. He is also experienced in travelling with children and family holidays.

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Steve Kirwan


Third Top Consultant 2012 Steve’s first hand travel experience is extensive. His passion for sport and his knowledge of travel, places Steve at the top of his field

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Tamsin Hammonds

Office Manager

As a business partner with Chris, Tamsin’s main role is working on the administration side of the business

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Sean Brooks

Travel Specialist

My passion for travel started when I was 23 years old. A fantastic year in Canada not only broadened my horizons, but made me want to help others achieve their travel goals. I have previously worked as a Tour Operator, sending school-aged children the length and breadth of the Americas and Europe on sports tours. Following this, I moved to New Zealand from London and have since been a Sports & Travel Specialist, firstly in Wellington and now in Auckland.

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Darren Driver

Travel Specialist

Having been in the Travel Industry since I left school, I have a love of travel. The Spanish Islands, Northern Europe and the Baltic are some of my favourite destinations. Cruising is my passion, I spent a little over a year working on cruise ships and has been involved heavily within the Cruise industry for the past 6 years. I have a few stories to tell... Working on a cruise ship is awesome, and I loved every minute of it (maybe not every minute, after a 16 hour shift I would have had a different tune to my song). I remember some of the classic quotes / questions - 'What time do you get off the ship each evening?' 'How do you get home?' 'You live on-board the ship, oh how cool???' Darren loves to talk about his cruising adventures, and is waiting to help build your dream holiday.

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Mondo Bay of Islands

Headquartered in the winterless north Mondo’s ‘Sportfishescapes’ crew are a group of mad-keen fisho’s dedicated to providing the very best sportfishing and diving holidays from both home and abroad.

With a travel background spanning four decades and a passion for fishing going back even further the man at the helm Peter Barry aka “Phat Buoy” has spent the last ten years providing sportfishing adventures to enthusiasts from not just here in New Zealand but throughout the world.

Utilising the latest technology Pete’s crew are not office bound and are usually out in the field undertaking R &D programs (they’re out fishing) ensuring only the very best sportfishing destinations and product is delivered to their fishing buddies everywhere.

Meet the Team:

Peter Barry


His crew are also spread far and wide and they can be found in locations dotted around the Pacific where each specialises in looking after ‘sportfishescapes’ friends and family.

(The Mondo Sportfishescapes team don’t have customers or clients – just fishing mates!)

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Mondo Takapuna

Great Advice – Your Passport to Great Travel

Truly unforgettable, rewarding travel experiences requires accurate information, not only about travel destinations, but also about the season, the time available and the traveler.

Your Personal Travel Adviser

Every trip is a unique experience. Your personal travel advisor at Mondo Travel will provide expert information covering far more than just where you’re going. Let us take the worry and stress off your shoulders and so you can focus on one thing – taking the best trip ever.

480 Lake Road, Takapuna, Auckland 0622



Meet the Team:

Gray Gibson


Gray comes from a background in Yachting, both the competitive side and the commercial. He was a member of the NZ Olympic Team at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, and has competed in many World & International Events worldwide. He also worked in Sailmaking for many years, both here in New Zealand and in Asia for 10 years.

As a consequence he has travelled to many parts of the world, and as well as loving seeing new places always enjoyed organizing the trips and all that comes with that. He has also sailed over 100,000 miles on the open ocean including 2 Pacific Ocean crossings including Alaska. 10 years living in Asia and extensive sailing in that area make him somewhat of an expert on the region.

You can see from our own store website mondotakapuna.nz there is an emphasis on all things to do with the water. He says he still gets excited driving to the airport, whether it is a trip to Wellington or to Europe.

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Robert Schroder

Senior Travel Consultant

Robert is an award Winning Cruise Consultant, and is acknowledged as a China Specialist by the China National Tourist Board. He has traveled through Europe, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Bali, Australia, New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Cook Islands, Fiji, Western Samoa, Hawaii, USA, Canada. Robert has cruised with Carnival, Princess Cruises, P & O UK, P & O Australia, Celebrity Cruise, Windstar, Cunard Lines and APT River cruises.

Robert knows everything there is to know about every cruise line, down to details about what restaurants are on-board, and even the décor on each ship. This all goes with all the areas he has visited. His specialty is putting together detailed custom itineraries for that unique journey.

Robert has travelled extensively as is always interested in history and cultures. When travelling he take time out to visit museums, art galleries and award winning architectural buildings. His is qualified at NZQA Level 4 – New Zealand Qualifications Authority.

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Jenny Jia

Travel Broker (Chinese Speaking)

Jenny 贾,喜欢咖啡,热爱旅游。最开心的事是和家人一起看世界,去遇见不同的风景,去寻访风味各异的美食……



2016年初,有幸加入Mondo Travel,让我有机会把对旅游的热爱更专业地分享给同样热爱旅游的朋友。因为经历,所以懂得;因为热爱,所以期待与您一起感动

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Geri Cornelius

Travel Broker

Geri has travelled to all seven continents of the world and her recent travels have included Peru, Cuba and a river cruise from Siem Reap, Cambodia down the Mekong River to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Geri has a passion for the Polar regions, having travelled and explored the Antarctic Peninsula, the NZ Sub-Antarctic Islands and up into the Arctic via Greenland.

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Mondo Hawera

Travelling is many things to many people and we at Mondo Travel Hawera know that people travel for an endless number of reasons. We find it so satisfying to be able to plan someone's holiday of a life-time, and we love to be able to deliver an experience for them that will tick another item off their bucket list.

Whether it is to simply catch up with friends or family, or to experience a completely new culture. To escape amongst stunning landscapes, or to answer the call of the bright lights where you can indulge your passion for shopping and exotic foods, we can make it all happen. We will give our clients a trip that they will never forget!

Meet the Team:

Dianne Tosland

Managing Director

I have been in the Travel Industry for the better part of 20 years – goodness how times flies! I have travelled extensively to UK & Europe, Middle East, Africa, India, Canada, many Pacific Islands as well as throughout Australia. I am passionate about travel, and love to explore the world in all of its many facets - it's history, it's culture, it's varied scenery, and the mixture of its traditions, to give myself a better understanding of the world, And I try very hard to make sure that our clients get everything out of their trip that they were wanting, and they were expecting.

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Rochelle Fowlie

Travel Specialist

Travelling excites me today just as much as it did when I was first lucky enough to land my dream job as a travel agent in 2007. I love to explore and learn about new destinations and share my experiences with my clients. I pride myself in putting in the extra effort to ensure clients travelling experiences are enjoyable. I love to encourage people to travel to new and exciting destinations that they sometimes wouldn’t have ever dreamed of travelling to. I have travelled to America, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bali, Vietnam, Rarotonga & Aitutaki, Fiji, Tahiti, extensively throughout Australia many times & cruised with P&O. They say if you have the passion and do what you love, you will never have to work a day in your life!

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Jodi Muggeridge

Travel Specialist

I love to sell travel through my experiences! I have been in the industry for coming up 5 years now, and love it! I have travelled to America, Singapore, Canada, Thailand, Australia, Fiji, Noumea, Bali and just returned from doing an amazing tour in Vietnam. My favourite part of the job is to hear feedback either good or bad as it helps me sell it forward.

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Joanne Nicholas

Travel Specialist

I am new to the Travel Industry, and I have learned a lot about Travel in such a short time. I have enjoyed the challenges I have come across, and I have loved every minute of it. I have travelled to a number of destinations which includes Thailand, Malaysia, many Pacific Islands and many places throughout Australia. My passion for travel made my decision to enter the Industry an easy one, as I love learning about what the world has to offer, as well as their culture, food and the history of each destinations I visit. I want all my clients too have the same wonderful experience as I would when I go away, and I pride myself in tailoring a holiday to suit each individual needs and I like adding my personal touch.

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Mondo Christchurch

We know travel! When it comes to booking your holiday, you’re in good hands.

As passionate and experienced travellers ourselves, we understand what goes into making a great trip and go the extra mile to make sure your next holiday is your best one yet. Whether it’s a quick getaway, or a more in-depth itinerary we are on hand to make the process easy. So contact us today and let’s start making your next dream holiday a reality.

Meet the Team:

Brenda Ogilvie

International Travel Broker

With 35 years in the Travel industry, I was fortunate enough to spend 5 years living in Italy travelling extensively throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

I specialise in all facets of travel, and I am passionate about sharing the knowledge of my own unique experiences and tailoring my client’s needs to exceed their expectations, creating something special and memorable.

Sharing the love and dreams of travelling with my clients, we quickly become friends and it is my privilege to turn their dreams into reality.

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Kay Whiteford

Travel and Cruise Broker

I commenced travel in London as an assistant to a consultant with Rankin Kuhn and their “rich and famous” clientele.

Next, with the infamous Pan Pacific Travel Company and returned to Christchurch to re-learn the New Zealand travel industry.

Cruising and water sports remain my passion.

Many people have assisted my travel passion, but predominantly it's my clients and their desires to experience, explore and celebrate that are my drivers. I still love selling dreams and travel and working alongside those suppliers who make it happen

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Sandi McGregor

Travel Broker

Most of my career has been in the airline industry, working for Air New Zealand, Singapore Airlines, United Airlines and Air Pacific - mostly in sales and marketing. 

I started in travel retail about 14 years ago here in Christchurch, with a year also working in a travel agency in the USA.

I have now been working as a Travel Broker for 4 years.  I have travelled extensively and love to put together “adventures” for my clients.

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Mondo Albany

Venture Travel & Events/Mondo Business Travel

Welcome to VENTURE TRAVEL & EVENTS. We at Venture Travel & Events are a dedicated team, devoted to helping our clients create exciting, stimulating and rewarding conference and incentive programmes. Our aim is to help clients achieve their business goals by developing motivational programmes which use travel to reward your clients and employees. The Venture Travel & Events team has extensive experience in the conference and incentive travel industry and is headed by Managing Director Kim Herd.

Meet the Team:

Kim Herd


You can easily talk to Kim Herd who has certainly experienced most of the world.

Her favourite continents are Africa and South America. People often ask her what is the most memorable travel experiences she has had.

Being part of only 60 people per year experiencing grizzly bears in the Khutzeymateen Valley playing, eating, fighting onboard a 72ft yacht.

Being charged by fighting rhino's in the Okavango Delta.

Experiencing the Sossusvlei Dunes in Namib Desert in Namibia.

Being part of a group watching the turtles come up and lay their eggs in Oman.

Experiencing seeing Vietnam as a local.

Travelling on the Hiram Bingham train to Machu Pichu in Peru.

Travelling to the Galapagos Islands had the WOW factor and swimming with the giant turtles in their own habitat.

Muscat in Oman has to be on anyone's bucket list.

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Mondo Waikato

Working in the travel industry is my dream occupation. It allows me to combine my experience in making customers happy along with the ability to actually make their dreams come true. I have travelled extensively through many parts of the world including: Asia, USA, Australia, UK, Mexico,The Pacific, and the Caribbean - in fact the list is long. With each experience I have managed to learn a wealth of information which I can share and use to ensure that your planned trip - whether it be the holiday of a life time, a quick getaway, or a catch up with family and friends - is tailor made to your needs and wants.

I also have an addiction to cruises and the unique experiences each cruise can give you. To date I have completed 25+ cruises, and like all cruises addicts have another one already booked . So if you are thinking of dipping your toes into the world of cruising as a first timer please talk to me as there isn’t many questions I can’t answer for you, and if you are an experienced cruiser I would love to just share a coffee and exchange stories.

Meet the Team:

Lisa Mackintosh

Travel Broker

So if you’re wanting someone to really listen to what you want, talk about your ideas and help make your dreams become a reality then please give me a call or drop me an email. I can also come to you, so there’s no need to give up a Saturday morning waiting in a store or trying to complete things in your hour lunch break. After all it’s all about your dreams, in your time, in your way.

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Mondo Dunedin

My travel agent life began in 1969. Then the major travel to UK and Europe was by sea, so I have been selling berths on ships since then. The days of NAC as our domestic carrier before Air NZ took over. The coming of the 747 which saw the demise of the line voyages of all the major shipping companies.

My passion has always been sea voyaging and cruising, and of course now it also includes self drive canal boats, and river boats. River boat cruising in Europe, Asia and America.

I cover all the major cruise companies and if there is anywhere in the world that has a boat floating on it, then I can probably get you a cabin. Budget to 5 star there is always a cruise to suit your mood or budget.

Booking the correct cruise will see you get great value for your money and a very nice holiday.

My other great passion is rail travel, and I see this as good compliment to cruising as they both allow you space to relax and enjoy the travelling.

If being on water is not your thing then I also offer you land based holidays, coach touring and adventure style travel

Meet the Team:

Murray Patterson


My travel agent life began in 1969. Then the major travel to UK and Europe was by sea, so I have been selling berths on ships since then. The days of NAC as our domestic carrier before Air NZ took over. The coming of the 747 which saw the demise of the line voyages of all the major shipping companies.

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Meet the Team:

Mehul Thakkar


My dream…is to make your travel dream a reality.

Whether it’s to visit family or friends overseas, travel on business, a romantic getaway, an adventure trip, a cruise or just a getaway….let me help make the trip an experience of a lifetime. Passionate about the industry I gain the most satisfaction from planning a trip that builds on your lifetime of memories.

Having travelled extensively around the world I have the knowledge and experience to help you plan that trouble-free holiday on a budget that works for you. I know where to go to find the best value-added deal. I will research options and come back to you with a plan that will make your dream trip a reality. I am also happy to share the tips and tricks of the trade to make your trip especially enjoyable. 

What’s on your list? Give me a call – you tell me your experiences and aspirations and I’ll tell you mine! Even you if need general travel information, give me a call and I am more than happy to discuss the best or suitable option with you.

Taking care of all aspects of your travel in one place, saving you time searching in numerous places and booking in 5 different places – choose a total service option – a ‘one stop shop’ for all your travel needs:

  • Airfares & Airpasses
  • Accommodation
  • Rental Cars
  • Coach Tours
  • Sightseeing
  • Cruises
  • Insurance
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Rail Tours

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Meet the Team:

Tessa Anderson


Imagine a truely care free trip which starts from the moment you make contact, via email or in my office! I can handle all your travel arrangements effortlessly and accurately, every time.

From knowing when is the best time to travel, to suggesting hidden gems and must-see activities, I would love the opportunity to share my knowledge with you and help create your perfect overseas experience.

Going 'the extra mile' is my personal motto, and I plan to exceed your expectations in creating the perfect itinerary for you, be it for your quick getaway weekend, or that extensive once in a lifetime itinerary!

I have been fortunate to be a part of the travel industry since 2003. My passion for travel and the desire to create the perfect  experience, unique to you, is what sets me apart from others. As well as retail, I also have experience with Conference & Incentives, Sporting Tours, Corporate travel, school & wedding parties.

My own journeys have included travel extensively through Asia, the Pacific Islands and Australia, both personally as well as having led over 100 groups off shore through these incredible destinations.  So if you want a travel specialist who offers the personal approach and touch, please make contact with me for your next adventure!"

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